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There are new data requirements needed for cities if they are to withstand the shocks and stresses of the next decade. The COVID-19 health pandemic has taught us that.

We didn't know we needed the new requirements, until we needed them.


The business case for collecting and sharing data has been re-written, and as we rebuild our economies, the opportunities for data to be an accelerator to this rebuild are many.

We think more cities need to rebuild their data strategy to be more ‘resilient’, with a greater focus on 'data exchange'.


The Data Exchange Canvas can help achieve that. Here is a PILOT version - tell us what you think!

The Data Exchange Canvas_ISSUE.png

The PILOT version of the Data Exchange Canvas is now available for download.


We would be delighted to get your feedback. Send your comments to:




Download the Playbook now.

Can we identify neighbourhood centres, main streets and or urban precincts where we can enhance the level of digital-enablement, and help them create a data-driven framework for economic prosperity, and sustainability?

At the Bounce Lab we believe so!

Project Team 2 have created a Playbook for what we are calling the 'Digital Benefit District'.

A Digital Benefit District will involve a package of 'upgrades' to include leading connectivity, condition sensing, neighbourhood data dashboard and enhanced digital literacy among small to medium enterprises.

Digital Benefit Districts Playbook_ ISSU

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